Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome: this blog explained

So... there we go. I finally joined the blogosphere... Wasn't hard, was it?

Let me say a few words about this blog.
Sometimes I use google to search for an answer to a bizarre question that just crossed my mind. Why is urine yellow? What is the chemical compound in fava beans that can kill some people with an enzyme deficiency? How does ringworm look?
Sometimes I find very good answers, generally in university or hospital web sites - too often I run into forums and sites where either the people have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about, or they are pushing forward their not-so-hidden agenda. I can tell, I have a lot of common sense...

Given that I spent more or less 8 years in a biochemistry lab, and some of these years were in a lab associated with a medical school, let's see if the taxpayers' money can be returned to them with some interests.

I pledge to do my best to explain science to people, especially medicine and biology, so that they can make their own decisions with at least some honest background knowledge. I am on nobody's payroll but the scientific truth. May the force be with me!


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